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A few weeks ago, I made someone audibly gasp during a conversation about superheroes. We were talking about the different kinds of heroes and what impact they had on what stories got told. And this person asked “Well, who’s more interesting, Batman or Superman?” And I replied instantly, “Superman.”

It’s true, I admit it, you’ve caught me. I prefer Superman. I find him more interesting, likable, and complicated than Batman. I like his costume more (with trunks, please), I like his backstory more, I like his best stories *far* more than those of Batman. This shocks people. Most people I…

It’s sort of strange to be a fan of comic books these days. For reference, I was ten years old when Iron Man hit theaters. So from age zero to about eleven, it was considered wildly uncool for me to wear a shirt with the Justice League on it or play with any superhero toys that weren’t Spider-Man or Batman. I did those things anyway, and I did read comics, albeit sporadically (I was not a financially secure child).

I was a huge fan of Nightwing and Superman and Nightcrawler and Magneto. Aside from Superman, most of my friends had…

The sarlacc pit is a well-known feature of Tatooine’s Dune Sea and a fixture of a few key moments in the stories of beloved characters like Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, and now, The Mandalorian. But when it comes to this beloved pit of death and digestion, there’s relatively little known of its origins, place in the world, or presence as a big scary sand hole. So let’s dive in (or hopefully over) and discuss some little known facts about this vicious sand sphincter.

To begin, the sarlacc pit in the Dune Sea is not the only one that exists. It…

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You read that correctly. It is this writer’s view that Matilda, the 1996 superhero film (based on the story by Roald Dahl) about a young girl whose parents don’t care for her very much, is, in fact, a charming example of leftist media.

The political underpinnings of Matilda are plain as day. An examination of the unjust nature of hierarchical social organizations, a rebuke of the federal government’s ability to infringe on constitutional rights, a nuanced jab at anti-intellecutualism, and (of course) a complete critique of capitalism are some of the myriad left-leaning dalliances of the beloved family film.


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***Disclaimer: In this piece, I poke fun at Zack Snyder, his body of work, and his most aggressive fans. Its all meant in good spirits and if you read till the end, you’ll know my real feelings on the situation.***

You may be familiar with the Warner Bros. HBOMax project known interchangeably as “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” and “The Snyder Cut of Justice League”. …

This is a long one, folks.

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren via Vanity Fair

Until December 15, 2017, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Kylo Ren. Following the release of Episode VII, I was impressed by Adam Driver’s performance and compelled a little by the idea of a pretender antagonist. The concept of a villain tempted away from the dark side by the light was…enough to hold my attention, but not much more. My heart belonged to Rey and Finn and Poe as the stunningly charming heroes of this new trilogy. …

— -Minor “Spoilers” for a 50+ year old Seminal Work of Fiction Ahead — -

There’s a chapter a little over halfway through Frank Herbert’s monumental science fiction epic, Dune, that reframes the setting of the novel entirely. At first, the story is that of dense politicking, meetings between leaders and lieutenants to discuss navigating a treacherous world of back-stabbing and decades-long schemes. Then, action breaks out, characters fight, run, and die. Suddenly in the midst of tense action and angst-filled reflection, a brief moment of perspective-shift brings environmentalism forward in the text and changes how the reader engages with…

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An animated wizard created in 1977 (pictured).

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